2019 Renault Megane RS EDC Review : Road Test

Hot hatches should come with manual gearboxes… shouldn’t they? Try that argument after driving the latest jet from RenaultSport

The new Renault Megane RS is the everyman entry into the hot hatch segment. It has five-doors, five seats and offers the option of a dual-clutch automatic transmission. Priced at $47,490 the EDC version is $2500 more than the manual and for some people it will definitely be extra money well spent.

Outrage everywhere

There’s no shortage of outrage both real and confected these days. People seem to get themselves worked up about all sorts of things.

Automotive fans are no different to anyone else; Porsche builds an SUV… outrage. Holden sticks the Commodore badge on a front-wheel drive import… outrage.

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