2019 Can-Am Ryker Review: Rotax 900 Ace Powered Test (20 Fast Facts)

Can-Am has set its sights on bringing new riders into the three-wheel vehicle fold with the stripped down, affordable, automatic transmission equipped trike to complement its budding lineup.

When presented with this unusual machine, we saddled up a 2019 Can-Am Ryker and went riding through the hills of Malibu and down the back alleys of Venice to see what this innovative three-wheeler can do.

1. With pricing starting at $8499 for the 600-powered version, the 2019 Can-Am Ryker is substantially cheaper than anything currently offered in the Can-Am on-road stable. If you want to get going on a Can-Am Spyder, the least expensive entry model is the $15,999 Spyder F3—almost twice as much as the base-model Ryker.

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