2019 Camaro: 5 things you should know

A new pony car is a big deal, and with the battle between Chevrolet and Ford never fiercer, the 2019 Camaro has plenty to live up to. Restyled for the new model year, packing extra technology, more power, and some clever fixes to lingering frustrations, it’s a gauntlet thrown down to the 2019 Mustang. Read on for five things about the 2019 Camaro you should know.

Chevrolet’s new Camaro design is… controversial

Aesthetics are subjective, of course, and never has that been better illustrated than with the 2019 Camaro. Redesigning a muscle car with as much legacy as the Camaro is always going to bring out vocal criticism – the Ford Mustang faced the same, after all – but the outcry about the new Camaro may be even more voracious than we expected.

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