2019 Audi Q3 first drive: Style and luxury with tech to match

With over 1.1 million sold since its introduction in 2012, the Audi Q3 has been an essential vehicle for introducing consumers to the Audi brand. Even with its much later introduction to the US, in 2015, delayed access would only turn out to whet the appetite of American drivers. No, it wasn’t as technologically advanced as other Audis on the dealers’ lots, and yes, it was using the older generation of engines and transmissions, not to mention the old infotainment system. Turns out, such things didn’t cross consumers’ minds while shopping. Audi was thinking about it, though, and so we get the all-new 2019 Q3.

With its US launch not expected until next year, Audi invited us to the incredibly beautiful Bolzano, Italy to try out the new Q3. Tucked into the Dolomites of North East Italy, its peaks and valleys are good enough for the Italian Alpini, the elite mountain warfare corps, and so they’d be good enough for putting the 2019 Q3 through its paces.

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