2018 Yamaha Star Venture First Ride

I have to admit I’ve been around long enough to have ridden the original Yamaha Venture Royale, and quite a lovable beast it was. Then there was a Royal Star Venture in the intervening years, but it wasn’t so luxurious. Now there’s this all-new Star Venture, with which Yamaha says it’s officially re-entering the luxury-touring category.

Not only do Yamaha reps say this is one of its most important new models in years, they also like to think they’ve created their own little niche; this one’s a luxury tourer that combines traditional/emotional components (humongous V-Twin), with cutting-edge modern styling and all the luxury features you’d expect on a $25k touring bike. (If we must discuss money, the base model is $24,999 and the Transcontinental Option Package makes it $26,999.)

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