2018 Mercedes-AMG S63 First Drive: Fiercely relaxing

Throbbing red and scented with bespoke perfume, the 2018 Mercedes-AMG S63’s cabin made absolutely clear that, even by Stuttgart’s standards, this is no ordinary luxury sedan. Still, to describe the 2018 S-Class as an important car for Mercedes-Benz is to damn it with understatement. What’s under its handsome sheet metal doesn’t just represent the pinnacle of the automaker’s engineering efforts, but in effect sets a roadmap for the rest of its vehicles over the next ten years.

Where the S-Class goes, too, the auto industry as a whole often follows. Technologies like standard driver and passenger airbags, and electronic stability control started on various generations of previous S-Class, before being adopted elsewhere. It’s both a barometer and a crystal ball of automotive trends.

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