2018 Mazda 2 GT automatic v Volkswagen Polo 85TSI Comfortline DSG

Not everyone wants the cheapest city car they can afford. To find out which small car is worth spending (relatively) big money on, we pitch the new Volkswagen Polo 85TSI Comfortline against the flagship Mazda 2 GT.

If the Volkswagen Polo hasn’t been the biggest vehicle in the city car segment, it has always been one of the most grown-up. In a category renowned for cars appealing to a youthful demographic with a blend of cute/funky styling and budget pricing, the German urban car has consistently been conservatively designed and relatively expensive.

The Polo has historically compensated with driving manners and extra equipment more akin to the next class up. And even the first model here, the 1996 Mark 3, was notable for its dual front airbags, central locking, CD player, and power windows and mirrors.

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