2018 Kawasaki H2 SX: What’s Hot And What’s Not?

We already performed a complete road test with amazing video on Kawasaki’s amazing new H2 SX SE a while ago. But why let that stop us from revisiting the highest-ranked bike I ever raved about, with a 97.5% approval rating, and with the first engine I ever gave a perfect 20?


  • SMOOOOTH. She feels like she’s balanced and blueprinted. Do they still do that with hot rod engines? If you’ve been turned off of big inline Fours because you don’t like buzz, tingle, or vibration – you need to take this one for a test ride. Dual counterbalancers render it silky smooth. Does the impeller spinning 9.2 times faster than the crank cancel vibes too? Do steel tube frames damp out vibes better than aluminum beam ones?

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