2018 Infiniti QX80 Review

I’m not kidding (okay, I’m sort of kidding) when I say that theĀ Infiniti QX80(starting at $64,750) is only slightly smaller than a studio apartment I used to live in. It’s a very large SUV that’s packed to the gills with luxury features. It’s certainly nicer than my old home. And, with room for eight, it has more seating, too.

But like my old abode, it’s not exactly on the cutting edge of technology. Sure, it’s filled with modern touches you would expect from a luxury SUV, but the QX80 is in a weird spot right now. With parent company Nissan introducing its impressive semi-autonomous driving system ProPilot Assist to the Infiniti Q50 sedan and CarPlay making its way into Nissans, the QX80 feels left behind.

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