2018 BMW C Evolution Review

When it comes to two-wheeled practicality in an urban environment, it’s hard to beat a scooter. Perhaps that is why, in much of the world, you’ll see cities crawling with them. Scooters are easy to maneuver, easy to park, and most offer some cargo carrying capacity. They’re perfect for commuting or running out to pick up some groceries.

BMW has classified its three scooter models as urban mobility vehicles, with the C Evolution being the company’s only electric entry in the category. Outwardly, the C Evo resembles its closest sibling the BMW C 650 GT in many ways, but the similarities are only skin deep.

The C Evolution is a different scooter from the ground up. Instead of a tubular steel frame, the chassis is the die-cast aluminum casing that houses the batteries. Inside the casing are three battery modules, and each of these modules consists of 12 lithium-ion cells – the same ones used in BMW’s i3 car. Although the C Evolution has been available overseas for several years, it is finally arriving Stateside with batteries that were recently updated to 94 Ah from 60 Ah, delivering a claimed range of 99 miles per charge.

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