2017’s most surprising car has a lesson for EVs in 2018

In a year where I’ve driven supercars like the new Ford GT, six-figure hand-built exotica such as Rolls-Royce’s Dawn, and vehicles with horsepower by the bucketload, the car that stands out at the end of all that was a surprise even to me. Chevrolet’s Bolt EV is, on the face of it, a fairly unassuming little hatchback that just so happens to be electric, not gas-powered. It’s affordable, as electric cars go, but it has a surprise under the inoffensive sheet-metal.

That’s the range. Chevy and the EPA list it as 238 miles on a full charge of its 60 kW battery, but in my experience the actual potential is noticeably greater than the official numbers suggest.

During my time back in April with the Bolt EV, I was playing chauffeur to some visitors from the UK. At the time, I’d expected to be driving a very different car – the Ford F-150 Raptor, indeed, a supercar-meets-truck that also made a big impression on me, albeit for different reasons – but a last-minute swap meant it was the compact electric runabout on my drive instead. Honestly, I was concerned.

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