2017 Yamaha TMax, TMax DX And TMax SX Preview

Yamaha’s TMAX scooter hit Europe in 2001, and the OG “maxi-scooter” has been hard at work transporting people and their stuff ever since. The beat goes on for 2017, with three models: TMAX, TMAX SX and TMAXDX. The TMAX is described as  a ‘blank canvas,’ for customers who want to add their own parts and accessories.  Sporting special colors and ride modes, TMAX SX is designed for sports-oriented customers. Then there’s the top-line TMAX DX, complete with extensive electronic control technology including D-MODE and Cruise Control – also an adjustable screen and heated grips and seat.

Over the years, the engine has grown from 499cc to today’s 530cc design, while the original chain drive has been replaced by a belt. The steel frame has been replaced by a lighter aluminium design, and an inverted fork took over from the first generation model’s conventional forks.

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