2017 SSR Motorsports Razkull 125 Review

Pit bike, monkey bike and even ankle-biter has been used to describe the Razkull 125 from SSR Motorsports. I suppose arguments could be made for and against any and all of these monikers, but no matter what you call it, the Razkull is a fun little ride that is cheap, and easy to own and operate. The pit bike sector isn’t exactly what you would call overpopulated if ya know what I mean, but the bracket is fairly well defined and popular, particularly on the West Coast. What started out as an on/off-road ride whose primary function in life was Motocross track-side transit has expanded into a classall its own, and as with anything else that moves, has begun to serve as a race platform all its own. I wanted to look at this little pocket rocket, and see how well SSR does against its worthy competitors at Honda and Kawasaki.

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