2017 Range Rover Velar Review

Velar. It’s an odd name, isn’t it? But believe it or not, it isn’t the result of a few glasses of wine and a Scrabble bag; there is history to it. When Land Rover developed the original Range Rover back in the sixties, the firm wanted to conceal its identity so derived Velar from the latin word Velare, meaning to hide.

History lesson over, what is the 21st century Range Rover Velar? Put simply, it’s a rakish five-door SUV that fills the huge £30,000/$39,000 price gap between the entry-level Evoque and the cheapest Range Rover Sport. It’s also the most road-biased Range Rover ever, even though it’s still incredibly capable on the rough stuff thanks to standard fit four-wheel drive and a raft of clever tech.

As for rivals, it’s up against the likes of the BMW X4, Mercedes GLC Coupe and Porsche Macan, although you could also have a seven-seat Audi Q7. High-spec models cost a similar amount to the Mercedes GLE Coupe and BMW X6, too.

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