2017 Ram Power Wagon First Drive: Heavy-duty off-road apocalypse escape vehicle

The 2017 Ram Power Wagon is a full-size pickup that dares to answer the question, ‘what would you use to tow your house into the middle of the desert during a zombie apocalypse?’ After spending a full day flogging the P-Wagon on the hot sands an hour outside of Las Vegas, I can comfortably report that it takes a special kind of product planning bravery to create a heavy-duty truck capable of bludgeoning any obstacle in its path – undead or otherwise – on its way to saving your delicious brain-bacon from flesh-eating creeps.

What’s that you say? The Power Wagon was actually conceived way back in the mid-40s as a Hitler-stomping weapons hauler, in an era when reality was far more frightening than anything that might leap off a B-movie screen? Fair enough. I certainly didn’t seen any extras from ‘Thriller’ haunting the trailhead at Logandale, Nevada, and while that didn’t necessarily mean they weren’t there it did give me the confidence to go full-steam-ahead in Ram’s toughest truck without having to watch my back.

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