2017 KTM 1090 Adventure R / 1290 Super Adventure R / 1290 Super Adventure T Review

KTM  continues to expand and refine its adventure bike line with its 2017 1090 Adventure R and the 1290 duo, the Super Adventure R and Super Adventure T. Revealed to the world at the 2016 INTERMOT show in Cologne, Germany, these bikes benefit from KTM’s not-inconsiderable experience with off-road bikes and its more recent foray into the world of naked street/superbikes . The engines punch above their weight, and the electronic magic really shows the genius of Austrian engineering, which is a lot like German engineering. (…just with a sense of humor?).


KTM 1090 Adventure R / 1290 Super Adventure R / 1290 Super Adventure T

(1290 Super Adventure R)

Adventure bikes are a curious creature. They are an attempt to bring two wildly dissimilar riding styles together on a single platform, and good performance on one surface frequently comes to the detriment of the other. KTM attempts to strike a balance with this line that carries long-stroke suspension and plenty of ground clearance along with the ABS and traction control street riders expect nowadays. It is this combination of demands that drives the unusual features that have become standard for the genre.

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