McIntosh MT5 review

Few high-end companies can boast a heritage like the McIntosh brand. It’s easily one of the oldest around, founded in Maryland, USA in back in 1949.

In comparison, the likes of Mark Levinson, Krell, and Audio Research are just getting started.

Over the years McIntosh has made pretty much every part of the hi-fi chain, but the brand is best known for its distinctively styled amplifiers.

Their identity invariably reinforced by the company’s traditional glass fronts, VU meters and less than subtle backlighting.

A new McIntosh turntable, however, is a rare thing. With the introduction of the MT5 the company now has just two in its books, and the other one, the MT10, was introduced back in 2008.

Considering that its current expertise lies more in electronics, and to a lesser extent, speakers, we wonder whether the company can truly deliver on the record-playing front.

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