2017 Jeep Compass By Mopar Review

Jeep has a long history with vehicle customization and personalization going back to the first CJ Jeeps produced after WWII. These days, instead of plows, seeders, and hay rakes, Jeep customers are looking for aftermarket equipment designed for improved off-road capabilities, everyday usability, and curb-size appearance. Mopar has been there for much of Jeep’s history but is now enjoying a renaissance in popularity thanks to a wide selection of dealer add-on parts. These accessories are able to be wrapped inside vehicle financing and are covered under warranty.

Mopar’s latest batch of parts fits Jeep’s newest product – the 2017 Jeep Compass. This two-row crossover slots between the Renegade and Cherokee, both in size and price. Its sleek, modern looks are arguably more attractive than the Cherokee, while still harking back to Jeep’s glory days.

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