2017 Hyosung GD250R Review

What’s up with Hyosung? The Korean bike builder just seems to do things its own way. If there’s a marketing department, it’s a secretive one that’s careful not to divulge sensitive information. When there’s a new model, it sort of just arrives… the new GD250R did make an appearance at last November’s EICMA show, but we must’ve overlooked it? Is this thing from North or South Korea? Is it a threat to national security? And what is GD acronyming anyway? Grand Douring?

It’s actually a pretty striking-looking little bike; I’m picking up a whiff of early Katana up front with a delicate aftertaste of Panigale in the tailsection, maybe a bit of Aprilia Futura in the midrange. Wheels are light and airy, the cantilevered rear shock says Kawasaki; there’s Erik Buell in the under-engine boombox. It’s a big fashion-forward move from the previous GT250R, and some of the hardware looks determined to back up the sportbike claim.

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