2017 HSV GTSR W1 Review

As we already know, 2017 marked the end of the line for General Motors’Australian factories, which means that the Holden brand as we know it no longer exists. The Australian-built Commodore was discontinued after 40 years of production and replaced by a sedan based on the latest Opel Insignia. But before the VF-generation Commodore went into the history books, the folks over at HSV, Holden’s high-performance division, launched one final special edition of the sedan. It’s called the HSV GTSR W1, and it’s the most extreme version of the Australian-made four-door.

Arguably the most interesting facts about the GTSR W1, besides the beefed-up exterior, can be found under the hood, where HSV dropped a supercharged, 6.2-liter V-8 LS9 that’s very similar to the one in the previous Corvette ZR1. But power and torque aren’t everything here. This sedan also features a wide range of track-prepped chassis components, as well as unique trim on the inside. What’s more, it’s limited to only a few hundred examples, which will definitely turn it into an expensive collectible in a few years. Let’s find out more about it below.

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