2017 Honda Grom Review

Introduced in 2014, the Grom from Honda is a compact bike with sportbike styling, two-up capabilities if you don’t mind having to Fred-Flintstone the take-off, has amazing fuel economy, and offers a little something more for folks who might consider a scooter in this size-range.

Marketed in other countries as the MSX125, the Motrac M3, and the Skyteam M3, the Grom is a spunky little —little being the operative word here — motorcycle, good for folks new to two wheels or for anyone else who wants a fun ride. It’s not fast, but that’s not the point.


I know folks call this a monkey bike . I don’t share that opinion. The original monkey bikes were Honda’s Z-series bikes: small, almost toy-like, minibikes from the ’70s and ’80s. They had 50 cc engines, fat five-inch tires and a seat height of about 22 inches. With handlebars that pulled the rider forward and the low seat that splayed the knees out at comical angles, riders were said to look like monkeys atop the little bikes.

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