2017 BMW M6 GTLM Art Car Review

Art cars are always fun, especially when an automaker makes it annual habit to introduce one. Over the past few years, BMW has done just that, releasing some colorful pieces like Andy Reiben’s 3 Series “Fluidum” from 2013 and Jeff Koons’ M3 GT2 from 2010. The latter even participated in that year’s staging of the 24 Hours of Le Mans, adding another layer of lore to the German automaker’s yearly tradition. 2016 now sees the continuation of that tradition with the introduction of the M6 GTLM Art Car, designed by no less than John Baldessari, the world renowned, 85-year old American conceptual artist, who is famous for his minimalistic approach toward art that combines colors, shapes, and texts.

It’s no surprise then that Baldessari’s interpretation of the M6 GTLM Art Car includes these elements. It is surprising though that for all of his years in the art game, Baldessari, by his own admission, had only done one project that involves a car, and that was just a two-dimensional image of car. Tasked with working on an actual car – and a big one at that with the M6 GTLM racer – Baldessari took on the challenge of creating a piece that showcased the car’s status as an “icon of contemporary life” while also infusing his own trademark ideas.


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