2016 Triumph Speed Triple S Review

How do we love the Triumph Speed Triple? Let us count the ways… one, two, three… ever since the original naked Triple showed up in, well not the original one, but the first aluminum-framed one that arrived on scene in 1997. That first real Speed Triple had various teething problems you can read all about in MO’s test here, but nigh on 20 years later all the bugs seem to be worked out, including the chrome bug-eye headlights of the original, which we still miss.

But the latest S3 is so delicious I’m willing to overlook the new lights, now with LED position lamps, camouflaged as the misshapen things are by a tight-fitting flyscreenincorporating a gap-toothed air intake which leads to the new airbox. A bike we once thought would always amount to nothing more than a common street urchin has been refined into a sophisticated motorcycle that can do it all, including a bit of light touring – or maybe not so light as seen here in the lead photo with our large and in charge Sean Alexander, hauling ass with quite a haul.

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