2016 Triumph Rocket III Review

It goes without saying that Triumph has some deep roots, and the factory has absolutely zero compunction about relying on past successes. Not to suggest it rests on its laurels, far from it, merely pointing out the depth of heritage Trumpet brings to the table. The Rocket III family of bikes benefits from this practice, and the Roadster  and Touring models share roots that go all the way back to 1968 to the BSA Rocket 3 “Trident.”

Built to compete with other large-displacement cruisers in the American market, the Rocket III range really brings the pain to its competitors with an incredible powerplant tucked away within rides that seem somewhat familiar, even typical, to riders accustomed to the domestic scene. I must confess that I’ve been looking forward to looking at these bikes, primarily because, well, Triumph, but also because the aptly-named, Rocket family is going to hurt an awful lot of feelings amongst both the domestic manufacturers and imports alike. Let the games begin.

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