2016 SSR Razkull 125 Review

Two obvious questions spring to mind when talking about the SSR Razkull 125. First, who the hell is SSR? And second, how soon will Ducati’s legal department come knocking on its door? Because let’s face it, the Razkull looks like a miniature version of a Ducati Monster.

We don’t have an answer for the latter, but the former is an interesting tale for anyone who followed the 50cc pit-bike craze in the early 2000s. Remember those wildly tricked out mini motocross bikes from China that were hugely popular? SSR Motorsports was one of the primary companies bringing them into the country. At around minute 14 of the craze’s 15 minutes of fame, SSR realized it needed to branch out and expand its line if it wanted to stay afloat. Fast forward to the present day and SSR Motorsports has a varied selection of motorcycles ranging from 450cc motocross bikes, 250cc cafe racers, to dual-sports and scooters. There are even electric bicycles in the line as well as an electric scooter. And yes, the company still sells a 50cc pit bike, too.

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