It used to be that the only McLaren anyone could ever dream of driving was the legendary McLaren F1 – unless you were a professional race car driver, of course. From head to tail, this car was light years ahead of its time. With its carbon fiber monocoque chassis and Formula 1-derived hardware, it redefined the way supercars were built.

This naturally aspirated, six-speed manual, rear-wheel drive car would be a benchmark of performance well into an era of technology that would make all of that seem neolithic. In 2013, McLaren changed the game again with the P1, a sports car that took a sledgehammer to the stigma of eco-friendly hybrid technology, proving it had a place in the supercar world.

Today, we’re fortunate enough that McLaren has implemented a new three-tiered product strategy that brings some of that hypercar magic down from Mount Olympus and gives us power we can wield for ourselves. This comes in the form of the 570S: the McLaren for mortals.

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