2016 BMW 750i xDrive Review

How do you review a luxury cruise liner or a private jet? Certainly not from the captain’s bridge or the pilot’s seat. So it goes with the 2016 BMW 750i xDrive, the latest long-wheelbase expression of the German brand’s flagship, a technological tour-de-force that centers the spotlight on those few lucky enough to be able to afford not only a six-figure sedan, but also a driver to go with it.

This of course poses a professional dilemma, for while I often find myself with a high end automobile berthed in my garage, my lifestyle is not such where I can snap my fingers and have it brought ’round to the front of the house by my faithful chauffeur. And so, a compromise is born. I elected to drive the BMW 750i xDrive from Montreal to New York City in advance of the New York International Auto Show, where I would be able to sample the sedan over the course of the 800-mile round trip as a driver. Once in Manhattan, it would be time to evaluate the vehicle from the rear accommodations as I traded off riding and driving duties with a friend who had agreed to the decadent sacrifice in the name of science.

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