2016 – 2017 Victory Hammer S Review

Price king in Victory’s 2017 cruiser  lineup is the Hammer S with its awesome 250 mm rear tire, inverted forks and red on black racing-style colorway. Originally introduced in 2006, the Hammer S appeals to the cruiser crowd with that easy-going rider triangle. With plenty of torque in the low-to-mid range, the bike is surprisingly nimble and responsive for its size. As a “super-cruiser,” the Hammer S won’t be left behind if your friends are still into sportbikes. For the size, power, black-out look and almost bare-necessity instrumentation, you definitely get the no-nonsense “muscle” vibe.


Lack of sweep — that Ness-like flow — that Victory bikes usually have is missing from the Hammer S. That isn’t a bad thing. As far as looks go, this is probably the Victory I dislike the least. Performance-wise, the bike is right there, but I don’t care for the usual swoopy-sweep of the Victory lines. The plus side is that if you’re sitting on it, you aren’t looking at it.

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