2016 – 2017 Moto Guzzi V9 Bobber & V9 Roamer Review

Moto Guzzi launched a brand-new model family in 2016 that pays tribute to the past efforts of custom bike builders, of which there are no shortage given ’Guzzi’s long history on both sides of the pond.

Introduced last year, the all-new, V9 range that included the mainstream-custom “Roamer,” and the more sinister “Bobber” with a more outlaw-looking blackout treatment. Not only was the chassis new, but MG built a brand-new engine with which to power this mid-size, standard cruiser – really more of a barhopper/grocery-getter that’s perfect for around town riding while maintaining a limited road trip capacity. I say “limited” only because it can be rather fatiguing riding a lightweight, short wheelbase bike over long distances at highway speeds, and I would know, having put many state lines behind my Sportsters over the years, but I digress. Many manufacturers are riding the current wave of enthusiasm for custom and classic-looking bikes, and luckily for ’Guzzi, it has its own deep roots to draw upon for inspiration.

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