2015 – 2017 Indian Chieftain / Chieftain Dark Horse Review

The Chieftain has all the classic elements that identify it as part of the Indian Motorcycle heritage, including classic badging and iconic War Bonnet mounted on the front fender, much like the figurehead on a wooden sailing ship leading the way into the wind.

The 2015 model holds claim to being the first Indian with a hard fairing and hard saddlebags. In a marriage of old and new, the 2016 Chieftain — powered by the triple-cam, V-twin Thunderstroke 111 engine — carries the same valenced fenders and vintage styling, leaving no question that it has a prominent place in the lineup of this historic brand.

For the 2017 model year, a monochromatic dashboard and tank-mount console tones down some of the bling and visually ties the bike together a bit, but the big news is Indian’s all-new Ride Command System that comes tucked away within said color-matched dash. The RCS comes as part of the standard equipment package on the ’17 Chieftain (as well as the Roadmaster ), and presents a direct challenge to Harley-Davidson ’s Boom! Box infotainment system.

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