Control4 EA-1 Home Automation System Review

One of the great inventions of the 20th century, the humble Lego brick, doesn’t inspire much admiration on its own. Take more than 32 million of them and throw in a little imagination, though, and you can create awe-inspiring 1:20scale replicas of famous American landmarks, including the Golden Gate Bridge, the Capitol Building, and (of course) the Las Vegas Strip. Then set them up together. Call it Miniland USA. Build a theme park around it. Suddenly you’ve got Legoland California. If I were called upon to write a review of a single Lego, there’d be no bricking way I could come up with the concept of Legoland on my own if it didn’t already exist.

Reviewing a smart home automation system poses a similar conundrum, especially when you factor in the installation and programming by a custom integrator. Just as Legos come in various shapes and sizes, there’s more than one type of brick for a custom smart home, including gizmos and gadgets like contact closures, relays, IR emitters, motion sensors, and locks. More to the point, though, is that it’s the imagination of the integrator using the programming capabilities of the system’s core software that can take what appears to be a nondescript, smallish black box and turn a home into an automated domestic theme park.

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