Watch out GoPro, TomTom’s action camera is smarter than yours

TomTom bandit-970-80

First it was wearables – now TomTom has just announced it is branching out into a new category: action cameras.

GoPro might be top dog in this domain right now but TomTom reckons it can deliver a unique experience. The aim was to create a device that makes the journey of shooting, editing and publishing much more straightforward.

The result is the Bandit, a camera that will use its motion detectors and GPS to smartly detect and record exciting moments. It will even detect your heart rate (when paired with the TomTom Runner) and start capturing if it senses a spike in activity.

“We are not entering this category to be one of many,” said TomTom’s Peter-Frans Pauwels. “We can deliver a different user experience.”

It’s also the first camera to come with its a built-in media server, which means you won’t need to download the footage you can edit it.

On the run

The camera offers wide angle lens, high-end 16 MP CCD sensor, and is capable of 4K capture. And of course, it is waterproof.

The Bandit works with a companion app that lets you review your footage instantly, thanks to the camera’s built-in media server. You can use the app to edit your movie with music overlays and all the usual tools, although one particularly interesting feature lets you simply shake the smartphone to “instantly create an exciting movie.”

It’s a bit of a gimmick, but we can imagine we’ll have a lot of fun with it.

We’ll be putting the Bandit (which costs £309/$399) through its paces shortly – hold tight.