Where to Mount a Gopro on a Motorcycle?

Motovlogging is one of the most popular trends nowadays that riders want to do. In order to get stunning video footage with action cameras like GoPro, choosing the right mounting place is the most crucial. But most riders find it challenging to get the right positions to mount a GoPro on their motorcycle. Even professional riders sometimes pick the wrong mounting place. 

As a result, they don’t get their desired video footage. Fortunately, there are numerous options for mounting GoPro on the motorcycle. Perfect mounting positions depend entirely on your needs. So first, you should find the right place to capture your goal. In this context, we will tell you all the possible GoPro mounting ideas on a motorcycle to shoot outstanding footage.

Why Should You Mount A GoPro In The Right Position On A Motorcycle?

No riders may want to get ruined footage while motovlogging. But the fact is, motovlog is completely different from other blogs. When you ride a motorcycle, a force will push you through gravity and wind. 

This creates pressure that can detach your GoPro camera. In that case, if you do not mount the GoPro in the right place, you will not be able to get quality footage. Sometimes your camera can fall due to strong winds. 

Having the right motorcycle GoPro mounts will ensure that your camera will not fall and set the camera in all the possible positions. This will help to record your desired video footage that makes your adventures more effortless. 

Where To Mount A GoPro On A Motorcycle?

Mounting a GoPro in the right position plays a crucial role in getting the best footage. Here we have explored some ideal places for mounting an action camera on a motorcycle.

Helmet Mounting (Top)

Most riders prefer mounting a GoPro on the top and middle of the motorcycle helmet. Although this position is the most usual location, it doesn’t mean that it is ideal for everyone. Typically, a top-mounted action camera is used for recording the audience. This mounting position is also very helpful for precisely recording what you saw while riding. The top-installed GoPro can drag and pull the headgear while riding at high speeds as well as lower speeds.

Helmet Mounting (Side)

Side mounting GoPro cameras on motorbike helmets prefer a few of the riders. This mounting position is ideal if you don’t have full-face headgear. Although side mounting is like the top mounting position, you will get a really close point of view. The side mounting does not affect the GoPro even if the helmet is vibrating. With side mounting, you may always see a portion of the headgear in the video. 

Helmet Mounting (Chin)

Chin mounting is becoming a new favorite place for motorcycle riders. This mounting position offers the most effective point of view. The video looks to be captured from an eye’s angle. Unlike the above mounting positions, chin mounting is even more aerodynamically. The helmet can be raised when riding at high speed with this mounting. But chin mounting can be challenging, as most motorcycle helmets offer an angular chin. 

Mount On The Chest 

Compared to other mounting positions, the chest is the ideal location of your body for recording perspective areas. Mounting your GoPro on the chest will allow you to record bike riding with your handle and meter. Another good thing is you can easily operate and adjust the camera with this mounting. For that, this mounting position is suitable for off-road riding. 

Mounting GoPro On Tail Of The Motorcycle

Mounting the GoPro on the motorcycle’s tail side is ideal to see your riding style or show to others. This position will offer you a steady perspective. Besides, it’s possible to see the rider’s position and watch the rider’s performance. With the tail side mounting style, your technique and positioning will be easily recorded throughout the riding time.

Mount GoPro On The Handlebar

Installing the action camera on the handlebar is another excellent position for all riders. This position contains numerous advantages that help to meet your needs. Besides, it offers a secure installation position without weight on the riders. As the GoPro installs on the handlebar, the rider can run the video camera readily. For that, many riders mount their GoPro on the handlebar to firm daily.

Proper Way To Mount A GoPro On A Motorcycle

The mounting process of a GoPro entirely depends on the place you want to mount. Here we have shown how you can mount an action camera such as GoPro on a motorcycle helmet (chin). 

  • First, clean the place of the helmet you want to mount the GoPro.  You can also place a clean surface stick glue.
  • Remove the glue from the curved mount. Keep the helmet curved under the mouth hole.
  • Now press hard on the mount so that the glue sticks and cover the mount with tape. Leave the helmet to dry for 24 hours.
  • Remove the tape and place the connector on the mount using screws. Place the GoPro to the connector utilizing another screw.
  • Check if you are able to rotate the camera slightly so that it helps to angle the camera of your choice.

Is It Legal To Mount A GoPro On A Motorcycle?

There is no certain law against mounting something on your motorcycle if it does not affect the structural integrity of the motorcycle or other gear. That means you can’t make any holes in the helmet, handlebars, or other parts of your motorcycle. In that case, you can find various mounting devices that will help you mount GoPro. 

Mounting a GoPro allows you to have a good view of the race track or an adventure out. This is a perfect way to determine your riding performance accurately. In addition, some riders like to create videos and share them on social media. Mounting a GoPro on the right position of your motorcycle ensures you that the camera is safe and will not impact your riding performance. 


Mounting a GoPro in the right position on your motorcycle plays a crucial role in recording the desired footage. A wrongly mounted GoPro on your motorcycle can impact your riding performance as well as being unable to record videos properly. You might have discovered which are the possible positions of mounting a GoPro on your motorcycle reading this context. 

Typically, there are different positions on the motorcycle where you can mount a GoPro including helmet, chest, and handlebar. Although most professionals find mounting a GoPro on the motorcycle headgear, you can also mount the camera in other places as well.