VAVA Home Cam review: This crowd-funded camera delivers solid security

The VAVA Home Cam offers solid, if basic, security features for DIY-ers.

Customizable motion detection and a 12-month rechargeable battery are this indoor/outdoor camera’s strengths.

VAVA built its brand catering to the tech demands of modern lifestyles. While humidifiers, blenders, and other household items make up much of its product line, one of its greatest successes has been a well-received Kickstarter-funded dash cam. Now the company is bringing that crowdfunding approach back to the home with the VAVA Home Cam.

VAVA expects to bring the camera to market in December; the company provided us a reviewable prototype for this story. It’s worth remembering that participating in crowd-funding campaigns comes with an element of risk. This is an “all-or-nothing” campaign in which Kickstarter releases the pledged funds only if the company makes its goal (which VAVA has already done).

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