Too Good To Be True? Laowa ‘Zero’ Distortion Lineup

Venus Optics, the manufacturer behind the ‘Laowa’ branded camera lenses, have recently launched two unique wide angle prime lenses with a unique ‘Zero-D’ feature. ‘Zero-D’ actually refers to the extremely low (close-to-zero) optical distortion created by the lens and the distortion rate is close to zero.

Wide Angle lenses with fast aperture currently offered in the market by other manufacturers tend to suffer from a type of aberration named optical distortion. Optical distortion can mainly be divided into two categories, barrel & pincushion distortion, depending on its distortion pattern. When a photographer takes a photo of a straight line, the lens deforms and bends the lines and makes them appear curvy in images. Distortion can be extremely annoying for photographers, especially for interior and architectural photographers whose works inevitably contain a lot of straight lines.

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