The X-A7 is Fujifilm’s first good entry-level mirrorless ILC

Back when Fujifilm announced the X-A5 in early 2018, it sounded like a really appealing entry-level ILC; in terms of spec, at least. It had an time-tested 24MP APS-C sensor, on-sensor PDAF, a flip-up touchscreen display, 4K video capture, a mic socket and great battery life.

Unfortunately, aside from image quality, the X-A5 turned out to be a pretty lousy camera. It was very sluggish and the autofocus system was unreliable. While it could indeed capture 4K video, it was at 15 frames per second, which is essentially an 8MP burst mode (or silent-era movie simulator). Everyone knows that Fujifilm is capable of making excellent cameras (like the X-T3), which made the X-A5 that much more disappointing.

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