Sony Alpha A7S Review

Like it or not, we’re on the verge of a 4K revolution. We’ve noted previously that even though content distribution is still “the rub,” content creation and management couldn’t be more straightforward. As long as you have a powerful enough computer with plenty of disk space, you can work with 4K just like you would with full HD—just slower.

Typically revolutions like this start out as very expensive luxuries for early adopters before getting cheaper down the line a couple of generations in. 4K shooting seems to be blowing that timeline right out of the water, at least when it comes to consumer consciousness. While 4K has been around for several years, it feels like just last year when it first started to hit the scene. And yet this year we’re already starting to see 4K-capable cameras available for $2,000 and under. Even if you’re ambivalent about this bold, new, higher-def future, you can’t deny that the options are surprisingly well-executed this early in the game.

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