Samyang Premium MF 14mm f/2.4 Lens Review

Samyang 14mm F2,4 Front Oblique View

Samyang are well established as a manufacturer of well made, reasonably priced lenses. The new 14mm f/2.4 and 85mm f/1.2 lenses are a new venture, forming the start of a Premium Lens range where the objective is to produce the highest quality optics. Let’s look first at the 14mm f/2.4, put it through its paces and see how it lives up to the intent.

Handling and Features

Ultra wide lenses are easily spotted, with their huge front elements and domed glass. In this instance the petal lens hood is fixed and offers substantial protection to that vulnerable front element. There is no possibility of fitting filters. The large plastic lens cap clips on precisely and is unlikely to accidentally fall off. The bulbous appearance of the front of the lens is rather unusual, but the smooth contours are an attractive design. The lens is full frame, covering the 35mm-format. It is manual focus only, but it does have electronic contacts to control the aperture via the camera.

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