SainSonic Kamlan 50mm f/1.1 Lens Review

There are certainly some fascinating lenses coming from Chinese manufacturers. The latest is this 50mm f/1.1 from KamLan, supplied for review in Sony E mount for APS-C sensors. This is reviewed here using the Sony Alpha A7R II, switched into APS-C mode and therefore delivering 18MP. It will be very interesting to see how such a 50mm lens (75mm 35mm-format equivalent) performs, especially given its low price and relatively simple optical design.

Handling and Features

This is a tiny lens by current standards, but it makes a lovely compact package with the Sony Alpha A7R II body. As mentioned, switched to APS-C mode the camera delivers 18MP, but the mirrorless design comes into its own here as the image is displayed full size on the screen, whereas an optical viewfinder would be cropped in some way. The lens is manual focus only, down to 0.5m, around 1.5 feet, which would be a normal expectation for a 50mm focal length.

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