PureCam dash cam review: A clever product that’s just a battery and GPS short of perfect

It would be best of breed if it had a battery and embedded GPS info into the video.

PureGear’s PureCam follows in the footsteps of the Owl, the dash cam with 24/7 video surveillance of your vehicle and immediate cloud uploads for safekeeping of important incidents is a reality. PureCam takes the best of the Owl (mostly) and adds some distinctly handy features, including the ability to use your own cell service (or a separate account via AT&T or T-Mobile), and a ridiculously slick interface and app. Even better, pricing starts at only $199.

Alas, two oversights could limit the PureCam’s usability as a lawsuit prevention tool: no fail-safe power and no embedded or watermarked GPS data. The latter is a real head-scratcher, as there is GPS on board.

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