Mevo by Livestream camera review

A year or so ago, live streaming events was more of a fad that only the very tech savvy or very social user would do. As we near the close of 2016, however, we look back at how the Internet has been flooded by this type of “democratized” broadcasting, ranging from sports and music events, to political debates, to witnessing crimes as they happen. But while live streaming has mostly been associated with smartphones, there is always a need for more professional, but still accessible, recording devices. That’s where the Mevo camera from Livestream comes in, developed by the company whose very name is synonymous to its purpose.


Canisters are the new black. From the Amazon Echo to Google’s OnHub, cylindrical devices are in these days. The shape exudes simplicity, elegance, and space efficiency, all at once. And for devices with speakers, 360-degree reach. While the Mevo doesn’t really take advantage of the latter, it looks great all the same.

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