Panasonic Lumix G80 preview: Affordable foray into 4K

Panasonic is laying out its stall in the compact system camera market – and its shelves are well and now truly stacked. The new Lumix G80 (or G81 in Germany; G85 in other territories, just to confuse the bejeezus out of you) is like a bulked-out DSLR-style version of the Lumix GX80, or, in some respects, a budget version of the Lumix GH4 – with plenty of the same high-end specs for a cut of the price.

Some months ago we got to sample a pre-production G80, testing it out around London Zoo to get a feel for where this camera fits into the range and what else it can bring to the table. Since then we’ve received the final version in-hand, which we’ve been using for a few days ahead of our full review.

So does this mid-level mirrorless deserve its place in the current compact system camera line-up?

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