LG Smart Security Wireless Camera review: DIY security backed by ADT professional monitoring

This all-in-one home monitor increases security with an extra set of eyes.

The LG Smart Security camera is a great option for those who want affordable professional monitoring. Those interested in strictly DIY security should explore other options.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho LG Smart Security Wireless Camera

The DIY home security movement driven by the proliferation of affordable, easy-to-use wireless cameras was supposed to be a smug nose-thumbing at pricey professional security firms like ADT. So it raised a few eyebrows when LG announced its Smart Security Wireless Camera ($200) would be built around ADT’s new standalone monitoring service.

Unlike most IP security cameras, nothing about the the LG Smart Security Camera’s design reveals the device’s true purpose. In fact, you’d be hard pressed to recognize the 3-inch-tall black cone as a camera at all—you really need to get close enough to spot the 5MP lens sitting behind a square of black plastic near the top. Thanks to its unconventional design, this is a camera you can hide it in plain sight despite its significant girth (2 inches at the base, and 5 inches across the top).

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