Laowa C-Dreamer 9mm f/2.8 Zero-D Review

Here we have yet another groundbreaking lens from Laowa Venus Optics, the C-Dreamer 9mm f/2.8 Zero-D for APS-C format. This is a very, very wide lens and to achieve the same field of view we would need something like a 13.5mm lens in 35mm-format terms. This becomes all the more extraordinary when we consider that it is also billed as having Zero-D, that is, zero distortion. So let’s have a closer look at how this manual focus lens behaves, and performs, using the Sony Alpha A5100 24mp body.

Handling and Features

The overall look and feel of the lens suggests high quality, the 215g weight is due to the metal and glass construction, despite this being a very tiny lens indeed. The metal lens hood bayonets into position with good precision. There is no click stop to hold the hood, but the tension is such that it is very unlikely to move out of true in use. Within the bayonet fit of the hood is a standard 49mm filter thread.

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