Is the Nikon D90 Good for Photography?

As you know digital cameras or DSLRs changed the face of photography until the Nikon d90 was introduced. Just so you know it’s the camera that introduces video recording along with photography.

Although it was only 720p resolution, yet, with it, you can have access to both photography alongside video recordings for the first time. The Nikon d90 is a good compact kit for some excellent photography, especially for beginners.

If you’re new to photography and wish to get a clear idea about Nikon’s d90 model, then your search has come to an end.

In the following segments, we’ll discuss the different aspects such as its compatible lenses, and key features. So stay tuned, otherwise, you’ll miss it.

Lens Compatibility For Nikon D90

It doesn’t matter if you’re new to photography or a professional. You’re well aware that lenses are a crucial part of a camera, and it’s no different for the Nikon d90.

Knowing what type of lens it needs is essential for future and current photography. Also, it’ll help you choose top-rated lenses for your Nikon d90 camera.

Before we get on that, you should know lens compatibility comes in three manners. Such as:

  • Fully compatible: (lenses that go well with the camera) 
  • Partially compatible (lenses that are usable but without auto-functions) 
  • Not compatible (lenses that you can’t use on the camera)

For the Nikon d90 model, you can find two variants of lens that are fully compatible.

  • AF-D (for distant photography)
  • AF-S (for detailed photography)

You can use particle-compatible lenses for your camera. But you’ll have to use a manual focus system to capture footage and images. And for a new photographer, it’s hard to find the right focus for the right photographs. 

When choosing a lens for the Nikon d90, you should prioritize focal length, aperture, and your photography purpose. If you keep these three things in mind it’ll be easier for you to find the right lens.  

Key Features Of Nikon D90

A product’s features are what make the product usable. A good product brings good quality, right? Because of the Nikon d90, key features are why it’s a good camera.

These features have opened up great possibilities for photography. So without further ado, let’s go through the features of the Nikon d90 camera.

CMOS Image Sensor

The Nikon d90 camera uses 12.5 MP CAMOS (Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor) image sensor. It’s a good quality image sensor that captures detailed pixels in your photographs. That helps you capture some mind-blowing photographs.

Fast & Continuous Shooting

Continuous and fast shooting is another feature of the Nikon d90 camera. It can capture 4.5 frames each second with 0.15ms delay. That helps capture dramatic action photographs with ease. 

HD-Movie Mood

In the digital camera industry, the Nikon d90 is the first that can capture video footage as well as photographs. With it, you capture video with 24fps in 720p regulation. 

Low Noise ISO Sensitivity

Like any other Nikon camera, the d90 also comes with low noise ISO sensitivity. This low ISO sensitivity is designed to capture crisp images in both light and dark conditions.

LED Display

The d90 model comes with 3 inches with 170 degrees wide angle LED display. It allows you to capture your photographs by viewing more details and also helps with capturing video footage.

Integrated Inbuilt Buttons

With more integrated inbuild buttons in the Nikon d90 camera, you’ve got the freedom to tweak your settings without opening the menu options. you also have a live view button you can change in between 3 AF types. From exposure compensation to Manual ISO control you’re able to control several essential settings just by pressing a button.

Built-In Image Sensor Cleaning

Just so you know keeping the image sensor clean is crucial. However, it’s quite a hassle and really risky to the sensor if you don’t know what to do. With the Nikon d90, you have 4 effective ultrasonic sensors which help you keep the camera sensor clean.  

Auto Focusing System

It has 11-integrated AF. that allows you to capture fast and accurate photographs. This high-end autofocus system allows you to shoot sharp and crisp photographs.

High Precision Shutter

With the camera’s physical buttons in build, you have the ability to the camera’s shutter speed. It means you can control the shutter’s precision and get the best outcome from the photographs.

Built-In Editing System

The Nikon d90 provides you the freedom to edit your fresh captured photographs in the camera. From distortion control to image overlay, you can edit them from the camera.

Tips And Tricks For Using The Nikon D90 For Photography

Photography with Nikon d90 is quite simple, its intended users are basically beginner photographers. You can get breathtaking photographs with a little effort.

Now, we are going to share some cool tips and tricks with you, with them up to your sleeves, the photography capabilities will exceed your own expectations.

Let’s begin, shall we?

Quickly Zoom In To Check Focus

You can quickly zoom in to check focus, with it you can zoom in to a photograph with just a press of a button. To activate it head to your custom setting and follow the instruction, control>multi selector center button/ok>playback mode>zoom on/off> 1:1(100%) magnifications.

Quickly Zoom In Live View

You also zoom in with a live view to have a better sharp review of the photographs. Just follow the earlier settings, just go to live view and set it up 1:1(100%) magnification.

Fast Image Review

You can not press the button to review your captured image. You can easily do that just by rotating the front and back command dial. To do that, again head to the custom setting then controls>customize command dials>manues & playbacks> select ON.

Fast Card Format

The camera’s memory cards aren’t meant to last forever, you need to format them at some point. We know how hectic it can be to format a memory card. But you can do it by just holding two buttons at once. If you look at your camera, you’ll see two little red labels indicating the format. 

Insert the card you want to format and simultaneously press and hold the buttons until it shows up on the top LCD display. Then press and hold them again to format your memory card.

Store Af Points By Orientation

You rewrite your custom settings to select AF when you rotate your camera. To do that, make your way to the custom setting menu then autofocus>store by orientation>select focus point & AF-area mode. Now your camera will automatically focus on the previous focus section after the camera rotation.

Should You Buy A Nikon D90 For Photography?

Nikon d90 is rated one of the best cameras of its time and for good reasons too. Not only does it introduce us to videography with a DSLR camera but also you can take some excellent portraits and wide angle shots with it.

Although you can find many other cameras in the market that give you much better features, however, you’ll find many usability complications too, while using them. Especially if you’re a new photographer and still learning the tweaks.

It’s a good idea to get your feets wet with a simpler camera like the Nikon d90. Even in the current generation, with the right lens, you can have the Nikon d90 to take some amazing pictures of nature, people, and even astrography.

Final Verdict

It’s a proven fact by many professional photographers that the Nikon d90 is a good camera for photography, even now. As stated earlier, because of its simpler and built-in buttons, it’s much easier to use. 

Furthermore, as for capturing photographs, you can easily get some sharp photographs with the right lens. Just so you know the lens is what makes DSLR cameras better for photography.