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Samsung is known for making chips that it puts in its own phones but most of the better-known ones include Exynos Systems-on-Chip (SoCs), RAM, and

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In the data storage market, bigger and faster are often seen as the hallmarks of a winning product. But in this day and age where

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Throughout all of Samsung’s troubles in terms of smartphone revenues, its silicon and data storage businesses have always brought in the dough. There is news

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Network Attached Storage or NAS devices have evolved from being plain data storage boxes to special-purpose computers that come in many shapes and sizes. From

Intel Optane Memory H10 promises super fast SSDs in laptops, mini PCs

Intel may be best known for its CPUs but the company has also dabbled in other markets where its silicon prowess could be used. Although

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Our homes are turning into small offices, whether or not they actually have home offices inside. Multiple devices, increased use, and complicated setups now require

Synology DS416play NAS review: multimedia cloud at your fingertips

Every year, our homes become mini data centers, with the addition of new computers and mobile devices as well as the introduction of smart home

Paper shows SSDs are unreliable but in a different way

PCs today, especially laptops but even some desktops, are starting to useSSDs for data storage. They are, however, also starting to get into servers. The