Canon EOS R vs Sony A7 III – The 10 Main Differences

In December 2013, Sony introduced the first modern mirrorless camera with a 35mm format sensor (or full-frame as it is often called). At the time, the only other full-frame mirrorless system was the legendary Leica M which, in addition to being based on a different kind of technology, is purely manual focus.

Nearly five years later, the E-mount system faces much more direct competition. Although Sony recently became number one for full-frame cameras in the US, the two most popular camera brands – Canon and Nikon – have decided to fight back with two brand new mirrorless systems.

We’ve already covered the Nikon Z series, so this time we turn our attention to the new Canon EOS R. Here you’ll find the ten main differences between this new camera and Sony’s most popular product to date, the A7 mark III.

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