Canon EOS M100 Review


Meet the Canon EOS M100. It’s a new entry-level mirrorless camera in Canon’s EOS M range, aimed squarely at those looking to find their first ‘proper’ camera for better pictures. In form and function, the camera represents a logical upgrade from using a smart phone.

The Canon EOS M100 is dinky – without a lens attached it’s essentially a compact camera. That’s impressive because you’ll get the same Canon DSLR image quality you would expect, in a much smaller package and with flip up LCD screen for those selfies and v-logs.

Simplicity appears to be the ethos behind the EOS M100, with pared down design and function. Scene Intelligent Auto takes full picture making control. Modes like Creative Assist avoid confusing camera terminology, providing a simple language for users to get the pictures they want. But there is the PASM control available too, once you find it.

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