Canon EOS 6D Mark II vs 5D Mark IV: What’s the difference and which should I buy?

When the Canon EOS 5D MkIV burst onto the pro camera scene in 2016, it hit so many tick boxes that, well, few other full-frame cameras seemed to be worth a look-in.

Until, that is, looking at the price. The 5D Mark IV is a rather pricey machine – it’s £3,349/$5,024 body-only at the time of writing – so, surely, there’s something more affordable out there that doesn’t compromise too much?

Well, the brand new EOS 6D Mark II could be the perfect solution, given its sub-£2K/$3,5K body only price. That £1,349/$2,024 saving could translate into a lens. But what pros and cons do these two full-frame DSLR cameras have against one another?

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