iFi nano iOne review

What was it your mother taught you about dropping your ‘H’s? We ’adn’t ’eard of iFi before the iOne found its way onto our review schedule, but we’d be more than ’appy to ’ear more.

In its simplest terms, the iOne is a Bluetooth compatible DAC with inputs for USB and S/PDIF hardware. That means you can use it either as an upgrade to your existing digital source, or to add wireless capability to a system without a DAC.


It isn’t much to look at – and we mean that in a literal sense. Measuring only 100mm by 64mm, and weighing just 122g, the iOne is truly befitting of its ‘nano’ tag. There’s no reorganisation necessary to fit it into the rest of your hi-fi system.

There’s little here to console those who’d prefer the more tactile heft of the Arcam irDAC-II, recently reduced by £200 and now this product’s main competitor in the market. However, there’s a clue on iFi’s website as to why the DAC is so lightweight and diminutive.

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